End Kwote

After it's all said and done, life's just a bunch of kwotes

Well, it’s the second to last day of this little mustachioed event. I almost can’t believe that (including today) I’ve taken 29 pictures of myself posing next to famous dudes with mustaches. It’s not exactly a resume builder, but it’s still a big feat none the less.

Today we continue the madness that is the Modown. Today’s actor is actually in one of my most favorite movies (Almost Famous). He’s not an incredibly well-known actor, but I’m a big fan of his. And, I’d actually place him in the top five for best mustaches on the Modown. I know, that’s a bold statement.

But, I don’t want to delay today’s dude any longer.

Featured today is the amazing Jason Lee.


Tomorrow is the last day of the Modown (and of Movember)!!! So, if you want to get in any last-minute donations, you can click these magic words.

Now I must retire. I need to concoct tomorrow’s edition of the Modown.

I’ll be seeing you.

End Kwote


4 thoughts on “THE MODOWN: Day 29

  1. Erik says:

    See, you SAY it’s not a resume builder; but in some senses, it actually is, because it illustrates your ability to commit to and stick with something – to see it through to the end. And that is very important!

  2. The Cutter says:

    You got your donation. Good work!

    1. End Kwote says:

      I see that I have. From an anonymous supporter no less. Thanks are in order. So, to my anonymous supporter, I thank you.

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