End Kwote

After it's all said and done, life's just a bunch of kwotes

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This notification popped up on my WordPress dashboard today. My first thought when I saw it was, “Holy shit…I’m old.”


I’m not that old of course. Only 22. But when I look back at when I started this blog and compare it to where I am now – sitting in a coffee shop, next to a bald man with eyebrows so bushy you could get lost in them who’s reading a book on Celtic heritage – I feel a little wrinkly, and perhaps a bit dusty.


I feel like I was a little kid when I started this blog. Aside from homework I didn’t really have any obligations. Even the homework wasn’t all that much of a commitment. My life was free and fun, like a little kid’s should be.


Three years. That’s a long time. And here I am. I have a steady job, which is a very good thing, but my time is not nearly as free or fun anymore.


If this blog was my child, I’d be a horrendous father. Child services would confiscate my blog from me if it was my kid. When it began, I cared about it a lot. I mean, I cared about it a lot a lot. For a while, I posted every day. And I talked about everything. I loved it. It helped me discover writing, which will always be something I lean on. It helped me get excited. It helped me get fired up about something. Best of all, it helped me spew out all the angsty gunk that I kept plugged away because I was too stubborn to tell anyone about it in person. Like blogs are for many people, it was my outlet.


But life happened. Things got in the way. I got lazy. And now it sits semi-defunct.


I’d like to change that. Which is why I’m writing this today.


I won’t drag on. But, I have some things stashed away, and I have some new ideas. The great thing about this blog is that no matter how much I neglect it, it’s always there if I want to start writing again. And that’s exactly what I want to do.


So I’m here. I’d like to show you some new things at least a few times a week. If you’re still out there (I don’t blame you if you’re not), let me know what you think.


You’ll see me soon, I promise.


End Kwote

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